Friday the 16th at 6pm. Freemans Bay, Auckland. The covers came off the much anticipated Yamaha Tenere 700 to a crowd of well over 100 punters and media, all wanting to get their greasy paws on the three different colour-ways that were on display. The food and lemonades flowed freely all night long.

Opening the show saw the Yamaha team give a detailed presentation around how and why the T7 was developed, and its heritage back to the original Tenere that started their Adventure game back in the early 80s.

The Tech Black colour-way should be popular with the NZ market. This model was strapped with luggage panniers, as well as engine protection, centre-stand and flood lights on the front.

In the Competition White scheme, this model was fitted with a lowering link and low seat so show the versatility and changeable height option for the vertically challenged.

The 689cc, 4-stroke CP2 engine comes straight out of the MT-07 road bike and has been adapted to the applications and requirements of a bike that can tackle both on and off-road with ease. Strong linear torque and great acceleration.

The cockpit of the T7 is very simple. No other electronic aids apart from a switchable ABS will give you a real, raw riding experience.

The LCD display will show you every you need and nothing you don’t. The minimal amount of extra electronics helped keep the price of the T7 to $16,999, which is very impressive.

Pirelli adventure tyres should give good grip on the road and not bad off-road performance. But we would probably go a little more aggressive if we wanted to get real off road.

The standard end can is tidy enough. But…

This Acropovic exhaust looks 1,000,000 times better and sounds fantastic. A possible first upgrade !

Peter Payne (right) helped with the development of the T7 from the get go and was available to give detailed information and specs to a potential future T7 owner.

The call this colour scheme Ceramic Ice and it was the most popular color-way of the night. The blue rims on the ‘Ice’ model really makes it pop out from the other two colours.

Put the blue rims on this model and I might change my mind on my favourite colour.

With an arrival date to NZ sometime in December, you’re going to have to wait to get your hands on the new Tenere 700 for a while yet. But by the looks of it, it will be worth the wait.

The T7 up against the KTM 790 Adventure R? That sounds like a good day to me!


CLICK HERE to see the video walk around of Yamaha’s new Tenere 700.