I started coaching way back in the early 2000's. Initially I helped out my old man at his courses, doing demos and chirping in on the odd occasion when I thought I had something interesting to say. This is also something I kinda fell into more when the old man over booked and needed a hand on one of his coaching days. It grew from there, taking my own groups and starting to transfer what I knew, and it soon took on a life of its own. I started running my own courses and teaching others, what I myself had been taught over the previous 15 years. I was lucky in that my coach was multi NZ Trials Champion Greg Power who took the time to show me all the right ways of riding. I now pass on those skills to anyone who wants to listen and have completed the Motorcycling New Zealand Level 1 Coaching seminars. 

I quickly grew to enjoy the sense of accomplishment that each rider gets from popping his or her first controlled wheelie or conquering a successful log crossing. I don't do motocross coaching, as the likes of Broxy handle that circle racing far better than I can. I'm into trail riding, Enduros, Cross Country, Endurocross and having fun on my bike and not being tired at the end of a 50km loop.

I still continue to race throughout new Zealand on my trusty 2009 Honda CRF450R and hold 5 New Zealand Enduro titles and 2 Australian 24 Hour Enduro titles, as well as International 6 Days Enduro podiums and Gold medals. I do LOVE to ride!


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Ladies Only Coaching

Perhaps the most popular aspect of coaching that we do, the Ladies Only Coaching provides a friendly, fun situation where girls can be girls, while not only learning the basics, but make mistakes with no judgments and talk to other like-minded ladies about riding their dirt bike. 

The male-free environment tends to create a more relaxed and calm session and is very popular with, well the ladies.


Full Day    $150.00 pp

(minimum 5 riders)


Group Coaching

Interested in learning some valuable skills but don't want to do it alone then group coaching might be the way to go.

Keeping the group numbers low to a maximum of 10, group coaching allows you to still learn all the correct techniques but in a fun environment among friends or other riders who are also keen to learn - often bouncing ideas off each other in the process.


Full Day    $150.00 pp

(minimum 5 riders)

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1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 coaching is a great way to hone your riding skills with a personal touch you can't get from group training.

1-on-1 allows a vast amount of skill sets to be touched upon and learnt in a short amount of time. Nothing goes un-seen and you can fell the improvements right from the first throttle twist.

Perfect if you want to really excel your riding abilities quickly.


1-2 Hours  $150.00

2-3 Hours  $200.00


Contact: to secure yourself a place in the next group session, to organise a group session for your group, or for some 1-on-1 coaching.