Michelin Tyres have announced the release of an all-new all-round off-road tyre called the Michelin Tracker. Off the back of the very successful Michelin Starcross 5 range comes the first new Enduro/TRAIL specific hoop from Michelin in a while. Could this be the future S12 replacement we have all been waiting for?

CLICK HERE to watch the video of the Michelin Tracker Tyre Test Day.

You will notice the rear looks a lot like the old S12 tyre from Michelin, but with a lot more texturing. The S12 is the go-to tyre for New Zealand conditions and it lasted a long time, too. When the S12 was down-scaled to only being available in one rear size (140), Michelin buyers were left with the new Starcross 5 range, a motocross specific tyre that simply wasn’t as good in the bush.

The new Tracker is designed to cover a particularly broad range of terrains, and thanks to its new tread pattern design, its resilience, as well as claimed outstanding grip it delivers, the MICHELIN Tracker is perfectly suited to riding on sand, mud and dirt.

What is very surprising is that somehow Michelin has had the Tracker approved for road use, making it the ideal fitment for your hard core adventure riders who like to get gnarly. Though we aren’t sure how good it would perform on the seal, you can bet it will be one of the best off-road tyres with the DOT approval.

Tracker Key Features

  • A road-legal off road and enduro tyre for all-round use 

  • 36 block tread pattern

  • New tread pattern optimises number of tread blocks/geometry ratio

  • Two-ply crown for low weight, superior ride comfort and added precision

  • Designed to work with Michelin Bib Mousses or inner tubes

If the new Tracker is 1/2 as good as the S12, then this tyre will be a big hit all across New Zealand

Check out the promo video of the all-new Michelin Tracker.

Due to hit New Zealand shores sometime right now, and we are hoping to get a set to test. CLICK HERE to download the official press release from Michelin Tyres.