The 2019 Motocross of Nations is set to drop the gate this weekend of September 28-29 in the man-made, deep-sand track of Assen. The track, which is essentially sand dumped onto the road racing circuit, and sculpted into something resembling an MX track is said to be one of the tough ones. The three kiwis heading over to represent NZ are Wyatt Chase, Maximus Purvis and Dylan Walsh. Honda rider Wyatt was kind enough to take time out of his race prep to answers a few questions leading up to the event.

WHatt C 7.JPG

Name: Wyatt Chase

Age. 20

Bike & Class: MXGP 450

Team: Honda Racing New Zealand

The number of times represented NZ @ MXON

This is the first year of travelling over and racing although I have been selected as a reserve in the past.

How did you find out about being selected and how did you feel when you got the news?

I’ve actually applied before in the past , as you are selected upon an application and chosen from a selection panel. They phone you upon being selected and ask various questions and base their discussions/decisions from there as I’m led to believe.

At any point did you think about not going to the MXON?

No, I haven’t thought of not going. I’m well aware that Assen is a completely insane sand track. I’ve ridden in Europe at Lommel and thAt’s apparently nothing to Assen, but as it’s been released, this year is about the next generation of younger riders (a developmental team) and about having the opportunity to gain experience of the European racing circuit.

When did you leave for Assen?

My mechanic Darren Lupton and I left on 19th Sept, to Belgium, where we will stay with Deiter, a friend of the family, collect my bike and hopefully get in two days ride time at Lommel setting up the bike, etc.

How do you think you will perform in the deep sand track?

Well, that’s a hard question to answer, having never ridden anything like it in my life. I can only hope the sand training of Woodhill and Taikorea and Lommel will help me to do the best I can possibly do for NZ and myself.

How do you think the team will perform in Assen?

I can’t speak on behalf of the other riders, but I can say Dylan has been performing well during his European campaign and hope we will all do our best.

What kind of preparation have you been doing in the lead up to heading to the Netherlands?

I’ve been doing fitness as usual (swimming, gym, cycling and on bike), also double classing at events and been up at Woodhill and Taikorea riding as much as possible.

Are you excited about jumping up to the larger 450cc machine and how has that transition been after racing the 250F this season?

Loving the 450 and the transition to it has come quite natural to me and I’ve been able to get gel with it pretty fast. But I am hoping to be double classing at more events this season.

What are you hoping to achieve/get out of this whole MXON experience?

Exactly that…the experience! It’s a great opportunity to ride/race against some of the best. I realise it’s only one race event but if I can showcase myself well enough - who knows what could come of it. I’d like to thank MNZ and Taupo Club and everyone behind the scenes, organisers etc, to enable New Zealand to send a Team. Also my personal sponsors having faith in me. Cheers, Jeff Scott Electrical, Friday Homes GoodBuzz, CnCProfile, Honda Racing NZ and Crown Kiwi.